A Boffo?

You’ll continue to inspire us! Thank you and welcome to our humble place dear readers everywhere! 😉 We appreciate your presence and your every moment you spend with us, especially our new visitors from the US, Spain, Germany, Fiji, New Zealand, China, India, and Italy 😉 

As you went through our list of subjects, you’d find a lot of variety, but there’s one missing, and it’s an important one. Objectively-speaking, everything in your life is important.  It is no longer limited to your making money, your living, your family, or yourself.

It is all and every single matter that is connected to you directly or indirectly. This brings us to real estate loans. It is a huge complicated subject, and you don’t need to deal with it as a consultant or a specialist. You just need to know what  your best options are if you, one day, went forward and decided to take that path. 

GeekstoreWorking in Real Estate, in the past,  gave me a chance to meet with a number of experienced professionals in home-loans. What I’m thinking of is to have them explain to us the most critical points of having a home loan.

Qatar AirwaysboffoMeanwhile, another segment for today is having some fun with writing-addiction,  one of the signs of your addiction for writing as Gloria reads is:

You love an audience and you feel over the moon when people genuinely like what you wrote. But you’d not stop writing even if no one read or liked it.

There is more signs to know if you’re addict to writing in this link although it was few years ago but there is more recent ones. You may end up getting a boffo out of it.

Until we talk again, just be around us, get some energy for your new topic, with our hugs and kisses ❤Coltorti Boutique


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