Single, Are You?

You are such a great company! Can you imagine how thankful we are that you are here?! 😉 Welcome there, our friends from the US, Guadeloupe, Malaysia, and Australia 😉

Not sure why single people keep saying that they are the happiest ones; is it due to the  no-commitment no-headache they claim they have? Is this true? 

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Jazmin collected a number of pros for being single. Did I tell you that Jazmin used to have a confusion between pros and con?  🙄 Seriously, she grew up thinking that cons were the advantages, and no matter how hard she tried to associate the pros with the advantages there were times when she still used it as an opposite. Tracy taught her a trick using an ice-cream cone in order not to forget it again.

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SohieSingleHer list included:

. You can hit on anyone without being in the wrong.
. You’d have all the time in the world.
. You’d be independent depending on yourself more often.
. Better sleep.
. More privacy.
. Light travel.
. You’d make your decisions faster.
. You don’t have to share anything with another person.
. You wouldn’t need to change any of your habits for the sake of the other companion.
. Your budget would be more under control.

This song is a killer, but only for dreamers, I guess, single or married it doesn’t matter. What song? Norah Jones: I’ve Got to See You Again”.

Until we chat again, keep sticking to our posts, you’d get more than what you can imagine, so enjoy it all with our hugs and kisses ❤


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