What’s The Point?

You want it to be untrue, but it’s true! 😉 Dearest friends you’re always welcome from everywhere: the US, Germany, Mexico, China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Iraq, Canada, Brazil, Belgium, the UK, Azerbaijan, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Sweden, Colombia, Japan, Spain, Denmark, Nigeria, Italy, Russia, Oman, and Ukraine! 😉

Hi there!
Not in the mood? Why?

Few ModaIt’s Christmas and New Year‘s time yet the stores are empty of real customers. Penny thought that it was not about the prices, it was about the quality and the taste. “As if the American consumer had to swallow that poor taste in colors, in fabric, in smell sometimes”, she said.

The associates were not interested to help anyone. They were there just to act like they were doing their job but they didn’t. They were chatting together, turning their heads the other way when they saw a customer approaching them, or having chewing-gum to keep them busy. What was going on?

Gigi said: “I guess it was the very low wages they got. Although there was a law to change the minimum wage into $ 15/hr that was not applied in many stores yet. Not only that but  also the products prices went up twice as much in  addition to the real poor quality and smaller size in case of food products.”

Penny turned around: “Ladies, your dollar can’t buy a lot like before. I paid $300 for one piece of clothes. Five years ago, I could have paid less than $ 100 for it, and I might have said it was too expensive, but now for the quality I want, I have to pay more than $300 with taxes.”

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Not good. Something wrong with the market. The market needs new blood to flourish as it should be, or else, what’s the point?!

Until we talk again, try to cheer up. Whatever would bring a smile to your face whether it’s a sip of wine or a piece of a pie. Try to enjoy your time with our hugs and kisses oie_oie_glitters


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