Happy Countdown 2020!

You’re just wonderful tonight! 😉 Happy countdown dearest friends and readers everywhere: the US, the UK, Germany, France, India, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, Japan, Netherlands, Philippines, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Qatar, Spain, Italy, Canada, Australia, Austria, Finland, Vietnam and South Africa! 😉

Based on a very inspiring email that we received, it encouraged us to do this:sophieChannel

It started with:

It is said that there is more than 750 kinds of cheese or probably more, but some claimed that France is on the top cheese-producing country in the whole world estimating the number of types France produce up to one thousand different kinds.

Some successful cheese festival took place in SF, and people really enjoyed it.The only one who didn’t was Chase, my daughter’s friend. I’ll tell you his story next time. A list of the most delicious cheese is here. 

2020 SophieCount

Chase Cheese!

Chase Cheese²

Chase Cheese³

Cheese Chase⁴

Chase Cheese⁵

 Chase Cheese⁶

Now she was there among cheering clapping and clapping forever. “But it’s the best moment ever! You chose right, Nile. For that, I’d say “Yes” and “that I always loved you.” Nile quickly caught her in his arms hugging her tightly yet gently…..

“It’s the most cheerful night I’ve ever had in my life. Thank you Amy now that I like the cheese even more than before; especially that Chase Cheese,” Chase said winking towards someone.

And it ends there

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Until we chat again, let’s talk together about something new. Share with us your favorite ones, and do your best to catch up with missing posts and our hugs and kisses ❤  sophieChannel

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