Can You Imagine?

Great night! The truth is right there, all you need is to unfold your eyes! 😉 Welcome back dearest readers and friends from everywhere: the US, Australia, Japan, France, Italy, Indonesia, Greece, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Canada, Netherlands, India, Germany, Philippines, the UK, Switzerland, Bangladesh, and Thailand! 😉

“Nice North Korea”, Baby said!

Ashley said: “What? Are you praising North Korea?”Littman JewelersBaby answered: “It’s for what they wrote online not for them, but may be it’s as if I admire them in a way. After all, nobody claims that they killed any Americans yet.”

“What are you saying?”, she  raised her eyebrows.

“Ok, ok, read this:

Nunn BushNorth Korea’s externally-focused outlet Uriminzokkiri on Monday slammed the U.S. and South Korea for a recent rise in tensions on the peninsula, mocking Seoul and Washington for “self-inflicted” anxiety over a high-profile nuclear or missile test by Pyongyang over the Christmas holidays.

In some of the outlet’s first articles of the year, the Uriminzokkiri said the U.S. and South Korea had spent a “tiring time” towards the end of 2019, “making hasty conclusion that the timing for implementing strategic measures targeted towards the U.S. is Christmas Day.”

Reporting on the mistaken triggering of an emergency siren on December 26 at a U.S. base in South Korea and Japanese broadcaster NHK’s false alert of a North Korean missile test, the outlet reported that the U.S. “became the scoff of the world.”

The article also cited unnamed South Korean media and expert claims that the end of the year was “entirely North Korea’s time,” and that it “succeeded in drawing attention from the international society and… pressuring the U.S.” and “swaying” U.S. President Donald Trump.

The final weeks of 2019 saw widespread fears that an unspecified “Christmas gift” threatened by a top North Korean official earlier in the month would be a long-range missile or nuclear test, but Christmas day passed without any provocative military action, and relative silence, from Pyongyang.

They then saw North Korea hold a major plenary meeting of its ruling party, at which leader Kim Jong Un appeared to announce a shift to a more hardline position for the country.

Notably absent from that speech, however, was much mention of the North’s relations with South Korea — or any mention of how the two might break an almost-year-long impasse in talks.

Uriminzokkiri on Monday took Seoul to…….More

Oh! Most importantly, that was the title: North Korean media mocks U.S., South Korean fears over Christmas day testing, can you imagine?” Baby opened his mouth in a teasing way.

That is new for your ears to hear among students. It seems that they admire NK president, you may wonder why.Qatar Airways

Until we chat again, go deeper into our posts, you’d be have the real inspiration to get to the point where you want to be with our hugs and kisses sophieChannel


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