Presidents’ Day!

Again welcome back everyone from everywhere: the US, Sweden, South Africa, Libya, Thailand, Germany, Netherlands, Malaysia, Ukraine, Chile, Italy, Croatia, Canada, the UK, India, and Russia! šŸ˜‰

For Presidents’ Day, we’re a bit late in the day, but it’s a day off for you if you were working with some entities in CA.

Talking to my students last week about Presidents’ Day, Kelly said: “Let’s see what are the three questions that we like to ask our world leaders.”

Collectively, everyone agreed. They agreed on three questions you, leaders, need to ask yourself: 
. Do I honestly represent my people?
. Do people like what I do?
. Does it matter if they approve or disapprove of what I’m doing?SophiePresidentsDay2020

You wonder if any leader would ask herself/himself those questions. “You don’t need to coz if they did, they wouldn’t be there!”, Martha, a teaching assistant, said.

Until we chat again, there’s a chance that we’ll talk to you again today. As you know it’s still here the 17th of Feb. remember that with our hugs and kisses ā¤


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