Great things are made by great hearts, but it should be within 5%! 😉 Welcome back dearest fantastic readers writers friends from the US, and all other places! 😉

Why do you think it exceeded the 5%?

Yiyi was talking about imported appliances. She tried to make an online purchase for some kitchen appliances, and she found it hard to find kitchen appliances that were made in the USA or in a country other than Chine.

Can you imagine when among all the products in the US market, 95% are made in that country and the rest is made in the US and other countries. Is this a joke?SharpDecisions

The worst part is that the seller know that you would be looking at the origin of manufacturing and they cheated on that, you’d find ambiguous phrases ending up at the fact that the product itself was made somewhere else in that upper Asian country.

She said that the reality in other industries might be a 100% scale. OMG! She added that many economically-rational countries keep its imports at 5%. Is this a fact?!

You can’t believe it? Neither can I. 🙄 An immediate urgent sharp-minded solution is needed to save whatever can be saved.

Until we chat again, I hope your country wouldn’t have the same mistake that was done here. Isn’t it time to have your own products made by the hands of your own trusted people? with our hugs and kisses sophieChannelWorthySmarter Loans 728X9050% Off Select Filtration Systems

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