Driving Nuts!

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What’s wrong with drivers?

When you pass a test of driving in CA, you should know and study when and how to CrazyDriversuse your high beam headlights.

It’s never easy to get a driving license here since it involves other people’s lives, but the truth is that too many drivers lately are gone crazy. this is the pure right word for it.

When can I use high beam lights?
When following another vehicle, keep your low-beams on to avoid blinding the driver ahead of you. If you have car trouble at night, pull off the road as far as possible and turn on your hazard lights. Use your high-beam lights when driving in rural areas and on open highways away from urban and metropolitan areas.
After having ghost towns and cities due to the order to stay home, drivers (passenger vehicles or truck drivers) have empty roads and highways. 

They either drive like nuts 60 mph on a road where the speed limit is 35 mph. Not only that but also they are using the high beams lights that blind you while driving, you wouldn’t be able to see the road in front of you. They’re either behind you or coming from the opposite side.

Do you see now why it was call driving nuts?

Until we chat again, be safe and try to avoid doing the same like these ignorant drivers with our hugs and kisses sophieChannelWorthyCheap Flight Tickets. Book Now & Save. Apply Promo Code FLIGHT50 and Get Up To $50* Off.Smarter Loans 728X9020% off Malaysia EPTA Car Rental DealBargain Around the World Flight Deals. Save up to $20** off with promo code – ATW20. Book Now!Plan your trip around the world with MyFlightSearch & Save up to $20.00** off our fee with promo code – ATW20. Book Now!50% Off Select Filtration Systems

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