Students’ Talk²!

Friends are your friends only when they are good for you and your family! 😉 Welcome and welcome back dearest friends from everywhere: the US, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Hungary, Spain, China, France, Hong Kong SAR China, India, and the UK! 😉

Mazen and Agatha work during the day as waiters but their restaurant was closed due to the Deadly as you know. Only take-away places are open.1538765068968

What can they do? They are applying for any kind of aid but the process is taking forever and they started looking desperate  which may lead to not attending online schooling and getting depressed and all other consequences.

Where’s that check?  Is it for people who really need it or is it some sort of first come first served?

It’s not good coz it could cause some anger which mostly turn people into bad activities that should be avoided to keep the remainder of the economy going, if any.

Until we chat again, stick to your reads and analyze what you’re reading with our hugs and kisses

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