Your Lips!

Hello there, can you set higher standards of communication?! For everyone who is reading this right now, welcome to your world, friends from everywhere: the US, Greece, Turkey, Pakistan, France, Mexico, Russia, Thailand, Japan, Kenya, Sri Lanka, India, Italy, Philippines, and Canada! 😉 the US, Italy, Singapore, Netherlands, Indonesia, Jordan, Thailand, Denmark, Czech Republic, and Germany! 😉

Fitness is good for everyone and for all parts of your body. Is there a fitness for your lips?

I bet you might rarely thought of the parts of your lips. You eat, drink, and kiss using your lips, it’s fair to think of some fitness for them.SophieLipsIt’s quite amazing to know that there is a difference between men’s lips and women’s lips. This is mentioned in one of our earlier posts.

Molly was wondering how come that not too many of you knows the parts of the lips and why teachers do not teach the kids these parts instead of focusing only on the main parts of the body. If you like to answer her, pls do.

Until we chat again keep sending your questions and comments with our hugs and, kisses

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