Daddy’s Day!

Welcome back special friends from everywhere: the US, the UK, Canada, India, Qatar, Australia, Romania, Pakistan, South Africa, South Korea, Philippines, Mexico, and Japan! 😉

Dad’s day!

Dad DayIf your dad is alive, it’s a bless. Let him feel that you celebrate him. Do something special that would please him. Older parents do not care much about gifts, they’re into emotions and love. A gift that would make him cheer up is having you visiting or chatting to him.

May be a big hug would be for him worth millions. Just try to make him happy for few hours. Remember all the good things he did for you and pretend to forget any bad things just for the sake of a good day for him before he travel to the other world.

If your father is young and healthy, plan a picnic to a place that he used to take you to when you were young. Bring some good memories to his heart.

Until we chat again, some dads try their best and others do their best with our hugs and kisses

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