Treat Needs Treat!

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For one smile, watch this even if you watch it before, you’d have a smile:


Respect topic raised many questions and it will have a continuation for more discussion.

As for Treat Blvd, it is really needs a good treat for the way it is between Bancroft Rd. and Oak Grove Rd. Its pavement needs a lift-up. The road is terrible for vehicles it is all ragged along that part of the road between these two points. It is full of jolts, cracks, asphalt batches and if you’re using that road to work on a daily basis, it would certainly affect your vehicle and its tires. Treat Blvd

What causes asphalt to crumble?
This is a result of an unstable base. If the base is not compacted properly, once traffic is released, the constant shifting underground causes the asphalt to crack and shift. Once these cracks hit the base and water intrusion is allowed, the deterioration will accelerate and the asphalt will begin to crumble.

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