No More!

Friends and readers, thank you for being here from everywhere: the US, India, Australia, the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Russia, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Malaysia, American Samoa, Brazil, and Belgium! 😉

You need to see the truth!

Enough lies pls.!

If it is not Russia, it would be Iran. If it was not Iran, it would be Afghanistan. If it was not Iraq, it would be Somalia!

TOPSHOT-SYRIA-CONFLICTEndless rumors full of bias and personal profit. Intelligence! What intelligence?! Whose intelligence?!

Rumors to get the attention away from the needs of the American people, no enough lies and enough conspiracies.

Rumors for war-contractors who want more blood money. Shame!

Attempts to distract the administration from focusing on the internal affairs, is that it?

Enough no more lies no more rumors everyone is so tired. No more!


Until we chat again, keep searching our long list of topics and get inspired with our hugs and kisses

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