Super-Genius CA!

Clear your mind so you can see better! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends from everywhere: the US, the UK, Denmark, Qatar, Serbia, Japan, Romania, Trinidad & Tobago, France, India, China, Canada, and all! 😉

What a super-intelligent decision 😯     😮

Back to complete the previous USPS post, the CA USPS capacity for handling pieces of mail is limited due to X number of employees. You can not assume that it is unlimited service . 

The USPS has a shortage in their workforce and they struggle with meeting the needs of the Californian population. Its system needs new blood and upgrade ASAP. This cannot be happening over night. It takes time for everything to develop, but you need to depend on real people inside the US not off-shore contractors.

The latest disaster which will take place as you all know very soon if nobody paid enough attention to it is the voting by mail.

Here’s the genius steps that CA is taking to protect elections in Nov. 2020:

  • Sending a post card that is asking legitimate US citizens to sign exactly the way they intend to on the 3rd of Nov. Day.
  • Post card instructions emphasize that signature must be the same one on the Election card.
  • The post card in not covered or in an envelop it’s primitive piece of paper.


It’s so crazy. How could you even do this? Giving your signature away on a post card to an address who knows from who (may be another country) and dropping that card in any post box.

You should add a phrase that says: “Copy my signature for free”  😆  The comments on that post card were hilarious, but what’s the best solution for this situation in your opinion?

Until we chat again, be mindful of your mail and try to express your concern if there was any interested parties with our hugs and kisses

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