Angela’s Eyelashes²!

Whatever you do in your life, always keep in mind that it is limited! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, the UK, Russia, Indonesia, Turkey, India, Pakistan, South Africa, South Korea, Hong Kong, the UAE, Qatar, Tunisia, Netherlands, Australia, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, France, Germany, and all! 😉

But here’s what happened: Angela started having feeling of strange objects pinning on the surface of her eyes. Tears started coming out for no obvious reasons. itching and irritation when working to her computer all kinds of strange symptoms but she didn’t connect it to her eyelash extensions. She went to an eye specialist and the physician told her that she had dry eyes probably that was the reason for all of that and prescribed some eyedrops and eye wipes.SophieEyelashesExtension

That was during the pandemic wave which made it even harder to be seen by a physician or to get a follow up. Lately and after few months, she tried to trace back the start of that condition which never happened to her before.

She then remembered that those symptoms started after her eyelashes extension incident, which could be the reason but she never mentioned that for her eye specialist. At once she picked up the phone and left a message for her ophthalmologist.

Angela got her response and as she expected there could have been a strong relationship between what she is suffering from and her visit to that salon!

It was hard coz it has become a chronic condition but this is life.

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