Under The Eiffel Tower!

It is a different look from the day before! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends writers bloggers readers and all from the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Poland, India, and all! 😉

Find a laugh, a smile, a movie, a clip or others that can bring some entertainment to your life. It’s hard times and you feel it.

Another praised new movie is “Under the Eiffel Tower” 2019. Again, it’s a simple story but it has the real life frustrations that you can get into while trying to manage a normal life.SophieUNDER THE EIFFEL TOWERNormal life has many definitions for different people but building a family is one of the most desired goals in life.

That guy was one of those who were trying to get married and settle down but you’ll see what happened to him trying to achieve his dream.

It is a family movie. Day light scenes no dark pictures with fun and funny parts that you can relay to it.

All in all you can enjoy it with your family or your friends. “Under The Eiffel Tower” is a typical ordinary people story that was produced thinking of real people not movie unreal type.

Until we chat again, keep connected to us and share your thoughts and use your strong source of inspiration with our hugs and kisses

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