Waste of Time!

Time is substantial but is misused! 😉 Hello and welcome back dearest friends readers bloggers writers and all from the US, the UK, Canada, Poland, India, Romania, Qatar, and all! 😉

No truth is the truth!

You are not surprised, are you? It has become unbearable for you to see and witness all of what is going on between these two political opponents.

Will Bunch

Why the newspaper distract you from important current issues? Why some of the media representatives are so ugly lousy impolite in the way they speak to their President? Why do they keep repeating the same question over and over again? You know what you should call that 🙄

What a waste of dear time?

The Chinese Virus is a disaster that you are dealing with but on top of that there are other calamities which are definitely more important than arguing about how to deal with the Chinese Virus.SophieUS CurrentSituation

Is the media out of topics? No, they aren’t, they are a bunch of stupid arrogant people thinking of helping a failed party.

You have a trail of much much important events going on: people are dying in NY; people are dying in Washington State; people are dying in Oregon & Chicago- all due to violent protests led by some foreign subjects and gangs.

You have wildfires in three states or more with dark smoky skies people lost their lives and others suffer from the dense smoke everywhere.

You have a killing spree in the streets of NY & Chicago and nobody is able to control that so far.

Therefore, the good Media‘s job is to go after those fatal events and to figure out who or what is causing each one of these events and suggest a solution to save these souls, and find out who is in charge of these places and kick them out of their offices and replace them with responsible honest people who care. This is how it should be for the good.

You are suffering and no place for politics now. It is hardship that would cause more destruction more damages and ending up in a huge disaster.

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Until we chat again, let’s hope that every anger would go away and peaceful minds come back with our hugs and kisses


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