Honesty will come to surface no matter what! 😉 Thanks for being here dearest friends from the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, India, Poland, France, South Korea, Japan, the UAE, Indonesia, /South Africa, Brazil, Venezuela, China, Japan, Uruguay, France, Ireland, Dominican Republic, Myanmar (Burma), Hong Kong and all! 😉

More good media appeared lately, starting taking an impartial position seeing the reality that many other refuse to realize it. Media cannot stand against the people. No matter how hard they try, they will fail coz people are smarter than the media.

Steve and Julie sent this link to share with all of you.

Not sure what it going on with the links you are sending us, guys! We apologize again, if any of them disappeared. “Some technical issues or a glitch” 🙄

Nancy said: “Twitter has some grudges against Trump”, but Peter did not agree saying: “Twitter wants to make money, and definitely it is paid by someone or some country who is a beneficiary of having the left wing instead of the present administration”.War

Peggy showed us few phrases on her tablets where The President’s tweets had a link that takes you to another page of misinformation, and when you try to press the heart for “Like“, it will open a window to stray your thoughts away or prevent you from liking, still if you insist you will press the heart on that window. “All ridiculous it’s so childish. Peggy’s mom said. Do you blame her?

“But why Trump, as a President didn’t do anything for their disrespect and discrimination?”, Natalie wondered.

Until we chat again, Oh! The answer for the trivia question in our previous post is: if you had a full cup of tea and put a little bit of milk, this will be drinking tea with milk, but if you have a cup of milk and used a bag of tea in it, this will be milk with tea, haha!

With our love and kisses

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