People Roasted The Congress!

Are you still here, everyone?! 😉

Lawmakers are put in a secured place,  as said. Really? It is the People who needs to be secured, what do you think?RoastingCongress
It seems that police is pushing people who did not do anything except waiting for their voices to be heard. It is rude and should not be like this.

Amazingly, it was announced that the counting will continue tonight, and that is why people are camping around the Capitol. They are not going anywhere, as it seems to be until they have their President Trump be declared for presidency. They are coming from all 50 States not only from DC and they are taking the freezing weather and the mistreatment of the Police. What if the police and the national guards joined the people? It is going to be like a movie, right? Since they decided to continue for counting tonight, there has to be a reason that pushed them to do that.

Briefly, the Congress was roasted by the People – The American People. Is it going to work? Does the People really have the power? This is what you are going to know soon.

Until we chat again, stay put until the good end with our hugs and kisses

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