Big Deal²!

²Dearest friends,  thanks for being here and welcome back to your pages. Thanks for our new friends from the US, the UK, Australia, India, France, Spain, Italy, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Africa, South Korea, Philippines, Slovakia, Russia, China, Germany, and all! 😉

Do you think you are helpless? Untrue! You have all the tools that you can utilize to score. It is only a matter of dedication and clear vision.

How? You’ve already known your first tool. Now it is your second one.

Ask yourself: “Do I have a phone?” Yes! Then, you can talk. But before you talk over the phone and in order to stay focused, do your homework and write down a short draft of the main point you want to talk about. Talk about one point only even if you had a list of questions. Sort out all inquiries and make them address only one point, still keeping in mind your best interest and your family‘s and your community.

It is not the last phone call you will be making; therefore, no worry you have just started your list of calls. You make your own schedule. Disregard any bad influence channels block your ears for untrue misinformation!

Follow up with it, and write down as many drafts for calls as you like and call everyone who is in charge of taking a stand until some changes to the better happen. Remember to have some notebook to record the answers you get and the name of the person you talk to every time you make the call.

Have a list of all the names you wish to call and make sure they can do something about the issues you want to talk about and if anyone refers you to another, that is OK. Just take notes of your process so that you wouldn’t lose your goals. When you succeed, share it with others and encourage them to do the same.

You are strong! The People are the heart of the nation. You are the People. You should be respected and your demands should be administered respectfully.

Gov. Kemp: ‘Unfortunate’ MLB has caved to ‘cancel culture’ over Georgia voting law – YouTube

Until we chat again, there is more tools to utilize coming soon with our hugs and kisses


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