Your Money²!

Another week has gone forever, is there still more to come? 😉 Dearest friends everywhere: the US, India, Bangladesh, El Salvador, Thailand, Hong Kong, Portugal, Portugal, Sweden, and all! 😉

B: Can you imagine that on Sundays there is no new news, seriously, it is all a repetition for the whole week news, why is that? Boring radio channels and boring trend 😆

A: Can you imagine if everyone has become interested in your money? And it is true everyone is interested in money except very few. Now what?

imageB: What?
A: You haven’t tell me yet, what is the only solution?
B: I know b/c I want you to think a bit about it?UrMoney2
A: Why?
B: In order to be a fruitful conversation, you need to be engaged, not only expecting me to hand it over to you.
A: Oh, I see, so you’re going to test me and torture me until you’re reveal y our only possible solution?
B: No not at all. Wow! Torture you?! Those who torture others do very nasty things pls never never use this word with me again. It reminds me of a long history of humans being tortured.
A: You know I didn’t mean that, not that kind of tortures.
B: Just teasing. Economy is very complicated and it doesn’t need an expert to see how weak your dollar has become.
As it seems to be, it is gonna be a long conversation but you want to know more.

Until we chat more about this topic, keep exploring your abilities with our hugs and kisses

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