A Stimulus, When!

Serious talk could be better presented via joking threads! 😉 Welcome back dearest friends everywhere: the US, Canada, Netherlands, Mexico, Spain, Australia, France, Germany, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Japan, China, Taiwan, Israel, Hong Kong, … 😉

Do you recently know what was the most asked question online? According to the recent online questions’ counting machines, it was: “where’s the stimulus check?”

So weird. Is it a myth? Why didn’t you receive it? Here’s the catch.

Your situation is that you are exempt from taxes since your income was under the poverty limit, due to that jinx virus on 2020. So what?Lovely WholesaleYou were consistently paying taxes until that jinx virus spread, you or your folks nobody made any income. Therefore, this year there is no taxes to be paid. You become helpless and needy. You need all the financial support possible.

SophieStimChThen you hear about a stimulus check for a relief of your miserable situation, and you wait and wait and nothing comes in. Then you hear about a second stimulus check but again you got nothing.

You were passed over twice, so you send to the IRS asking what was going on, but nobody answered. Of course they are busy with the millionaires, billionaires or trillionaires. But how about you the poor indigent family. They ask you to wait until they figure out who is to get that magical stimulus check which is $ 1200 equal to $ 100 per month for a one year. Can you imagine this? A $100 to live on to cover everything you need for a whole month? 😡WorthyYou wait and wait and then you hear over the radio that you will get, as all poor people will, a check for $ 1400 otherwise you are stuck in that vicious circle, while a federal employee gets paid $21000 to adjust with circumstances. 🙄

AGAIN you got nothing. The news guy on your TV proudly said that his wife got the check. She must be very poor. 🙄 You talk to yourself: “what is wrong with these people?”!

But dear, you are the People!

Qatar Airways  Until we chat again, solutions are plenty only need some talent with our hugs and kisses

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