Three Flying Pyramids!

Great conversation this one is and so is the next! 😉 For now, welcome back dearest friends from the US, Brazil, Australia, Italy, India, Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Philippines, and all! 😉

Engagement RingsClassified? Why? You do not know, but you want to know while the Pentagon hush hush everything for no clear reason. Three flying pyramids! It’s huge occurrence. It is not a movie or fiction. It is real incident that was recorded by your Navy. 

Three flying pyramids along the West Coast of CA and nobody tries to figure out the real story behind it and how dangerous it is for human being and whether or not it is done by humans.

YouTube link

Gemstone RingsThree flying pyramids along your US West Coast that did not shake up anyone who is alive. It sounds so strange that this happens. Are you in a comma? Are you absent of this world? Are you canceled? You need to know what kind of danger you live in.3-Pyramids

May be CA is no longer safe for humans. May be there is an ongoing operation that could affect your health your brain your kids your family. You need to wake up and ask questions before it is too late, coz the leaders would only care for saving themselves and their families. These are the priorities and anything else is not considered for the vessel which will take them somewhere else will not be enough for all the population or the People! 

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Until we chat again, it is for your best interest to be aware of everything going on such as why helicopters were hovering over your city the whole night, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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