The Woman in The Window!

Having you with us is a great pleasure so welcome back dearest friends in the US, Sri Lanka, Austria, the UK, Cameroon, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Netherlands, Canada, and al! 😉

Having a rare health condition is quite hard to endure but when there is no treatment what can you do except taking it as much as you can. 

This was the weekend movie that my cousin invited us to watch with him and which raised many questions among us, but first thing that came to mind was why Amy Adams lately accepting those roles. It is not exactly fitting with the Amy Adams you knew in other movies.  “The Woman in The Window” 2021 was its title.Qatar Airways Worthy Anyway, it is a family adult movie since it has some graphic scenes better to have your kids away while watching it.

As long as there have been neighbors, there have been people peeking into their windows. And as long as there have been movies, there have been movies about those lookie-loos. Well-meaning voyeurs who see more than they bargain for — murder, it’s usually murder — have framed such features as Alfred Hitchcock’s classic “Rear Window

May be Amy wanted to challenge herself when accepting to play similar roles coz when you don’t live the illness itself and the way the patient feels and handles it, it is almost impossible to pretend that you are that person. Does it make sense?

Another movie my neighbor watched yesterday but may be tomorrow we can talk about it.

Until we chat again, remember that you can get real inspiration when you go through our updated long list, with our hugs and kisses ❤ Qatar AirwaysWorthy


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