Poor Girl!

Great to have you with us dearest friends from the US, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Poland, Bulgaria, China, Spain, Canada, the UK, Australia, India, Bangladesh, Germany, Brazil, Greece, Mexico, Thailand, Morocco, Taiwan, South Africa, and al! 😉

Ah! Your day runs like no other and you are all jammed up in some miscommunicated subjects almost imposed on you and your day. The funny part is the more you solve, the more you get. So what kind of solutions do you need for your day today?

letters and an eyeglass on table
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

Mandy said that she started to be worried when she gets her mail and the reason is that once she opens one letter she has to deal with a problem. 

Yesterday, she picked up her mail as usual and when she opened the first letter she found out that it was delayed for almost 3 weeks and that she missed the given deadline. She felt bad and it was important.

Then the second one was a decline for her request from her insurance related to COVID expenses during last year. She was surprised b/c she was guaranteed by her insurance that any expenses that were caused or took place under the COVID circumstances will be all covered, but apparently that was not the case. She felt worse and it was important.Worthy

She had to appeal that decision and who knows how long it would take, and who cares!

The third letter was a returned letter from an address that was supposed to be a correct one given to her by the Medicare and that was complicated and made her angry at that point.

Do you see a pattern? Yes, disappointment then another disappointment then a third disappointment as if her whole day should be spent on correcting things that out of her hand.

Certainly she needs a lot of solutions and now you understand whey she has developed that sense of worry when she goes to pick up her mail. Poor girl, is this always the way your mail is?!

Until we chat again, look for your inspiration it is unfolded when you pay a bit of attention with our hugs and kisses ❤Qatar AirwaysBerrylook


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