Secrets of Getting Married!

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Oopsy! 😡

I met my now boyfriend of four years about six years ago when we were both starting college. Now that we have been together, I would like to take the next step in our relationship and start making definitive plans, like say getting married and buying a house. He tells me that, yes, he wants to get married, but right now is too soon for him….” More

.Why do you keep lying to yourself? Why waste your life? You should be able to know in 3 months max if the person under testing is the right one or not. Just end it and it is hard but it is going to be harder if you waited 4 yrs or even one year and then he turns his back on you.

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For all those who were supposed to get married in their early twenties, a Marriage Advisor uncovers her secrets in successfully getting married in a short period of time in your next post.

Until we chat again, she only asks you to follow her steps and you will do it, with our hugs and kisses ❤


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