Marriage Project!

Destiney is unknown but you will know that it’s yours! 😉 Hello again nice dearest readers friends from the US, Poland, Netherlands, Japan, Argentina,  India, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Mexico, Nigeria, Trinidad & Tobago, China, Pakistan, Indonesia, Ecuador, Thailand, Philippines, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Turkey, El Salvador, Spain, Brazil, Réunion, Bangladesh, South Korea, France, Ukraine, Egypt, Vietnam, Nepal, Poland, Malaysia, Colombia, the UK, Ireland, American Samoa, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, Belarus, Canada,, and all! 😉

Soon you will get married, girls! Just follow the 7 phases of this project plan. What are you going to lose? Nothing. If you run into an issue, email us, and we will get you an answer.

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You were promised yesterday to hear more from that marriage advisor lady and her secrets in succeeding to marry.

Make a 3-weeks plan for Phase 1 (Building up Appearance & searching for prospective husband (Not a boyfriend any more, you’re no longer in high school, girls).

Getting yourself ready for this project:

  • Best example for appearance: Wear make up showing your femininity, dress cheerful, have a smile on your face, and act confident of yourself. Keep your health issues to yourself, let everyone around you feel that you are the perfect example for modern nice girls.
  • Maintain your physical fitness (walking is the simplest way to do it) but you choose other forms via fitness centers where there is a chance to see more men. Eat healthy. 
  • Avoid getting involved with any nasty unwanted quality such as drinking, smoking, partnering with freaks/losers. Associate yourself with people of whom you are proud to know.
  • Be ready to have a radiant glow, and watch the envy of all eyes surrounding you.

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Until we chat again, this project has 7 phases and each phase has some details so keep taking every step carefully and you can always ask questions or leave comments with our hugs and kisses >3


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