Schools & Teachers!

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african-american-teacherblack-boardblack-teacherclassroomeducation-frcnbw-clipartIn CA, there is thousands of schools which face complicated problems not only Mr. Bennet’s school. This is a fact. At least here in the Bay Area. Teachers are really courageous to take this job due to the unusual behavior by their students. Some students are sent to special education when teachers give up on  them. And mostly they have good reasons for that, but it is not easy. It has become one of the worst problems in public as well as private schools.

Not all teachers have a psychology background in order to deal with these cases. Counselors themselves sometimes fail to correct any of the students’ behavior since each student has her/his own issues.

Nevertheless, there are few methods to act on the part of the teachers if they choose to stay in this profession. The most important point is to understand the kind of problem you face and making sure that your understanding is correct. More

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Until we chat again, may be it is time to talk about butterflies. Stay tuned and inspired all the way with our hugs and kisses ❤


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