Ready for 2022?!

Look around and see time for what it really is! 😉

As you all know the majority of non-profit entity, similar to, supposedly depends on donations and contributions from whoever has interest in reading the posts or making use of them in any possible way.

Sophie2022Dear friends, this year our expectations are not met and we are less fans of the idea of “Subscription” plans but this, as it seems to be, the only way your posts will survive unless a miracle of donations came in on time to save our team and our work.

Sophie2022If you care to contribute, no matter what the amount is, it would be a great help. It is easy to do that. Just press the “Donations” button (As shown below) and it will open to you “Paypal” window where you can process this without any further effort on your part. Once we receive this, we will confirm with you in a “Thank-You” note fashion.DonationsButtons

Sophie2022Thank you and always welcome to your pages friends from the US, the UK, Japan, Bulgaria, India, Spain, Brazil, Kenya, Nigeria, France, Italy, Malaysia, South Africa, Bangladesh, Poland, Ireland, Egypt, Nepal,  Kazakhstan, Canada, Russia, Portugal, Philippines, Panama,  China,  Chile,  Germany,  Finland,  Bosnia & Herzegovina, Greece, Turkey, Jamaica, Ecuador, Kuwait, Turkey,  Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Poland, Kyrgyzstan, France, Ireland, Indonesia,  Belgium,  Cameroon,  Australia, Argentina, the UAE, Netherlands,  Uruguay, Pakistan,  Poland, Czech Republic, Thailand, Bolivia, Mexico, Trinidad &  Tobago, Vietnam,  Paraguay, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Hong Kong, Norway,  Hungary, Latvia,  Puerto Rico,  Sweden,  Singapore,  Denmark, Georgia, Taiwan, Estonia, Pakistan, Japan,  Spain,   Greece, Austria, Uzbekistan, Bahrain, Thailand, Cyprus,  Qatar, Tanzania,  Ukraine, Colombia,  South Korea, New Zealand,  Iraq, Costa Rica, Mauritius, American Samoa, Congo- Kinshasa,  El Salvador,  Réunion, Nepal,  Belarus, and all!😉

Until we chat again, a new fantastic figure will be added soon to your 7000SuperStars, you can be the next too, with our hugs and kisses ❤
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