Long Story Short!

Many hands make a light work! 😉 

The plot was good. The themes were expressed clearly giving the right message to the audience. It is a family movie to enjoy your weekend with your family and your popcorn. 😉Long St Short

The actors were great performers living their characters in a natural way without exaggeration. It is a new Australian movie in which the director is quite to the point.

The only thing you might wonder about is that the main character (The Husband) never does anything wrong to be punished by the presented curse. There is no clear justification.

Although it is mentioned that he works a lot by the other characters, you will never see him working, which is a bit of an irony if he is always concerned about his family.


Until we talk again, for a weekend movie you’ll enjoy laughing or you can join others here, with our hugs and kisses ❤
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