Sciatica, Stay Away!

Your body is your trust, you need to protect it! 😉

When his physician told him that he had sciatica, he went blue, yellow, red similar to uncontrolled stoplight. He never heard about that term or that disease.

How Long Does Sciatica Pain Last?It was painful and made him incapable of walking with his left leg. He couldn’t sleep well b/c he couldn’t turn his body normally in bed and the pain went all the way through his left waist area down to his buttock to his knee reaching his left foot.

Sciatica refers to pain that radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve, which branches from your lower back through your hips and buttocks and down each leg. Typically, sciatica affects only one side of your body. More

sciaThe physician gave him some pain killer and told him that sciatica was not an easy thing to control since it affected the nerves of the body but with some changes in posture and following some routine exercise or using external tools, it could be improved and healed. 

However, precautions need to be taken most of the time regarding the way he sit, bend down, or move in general.

The patient was relieved a little bit but he was curious to know more about how to handle that creepy sciatica. Surprisingly he found a lot of literature about it online in addition all the pamphlets that his doctor gave him.

If you happen to have a similar situation and would like to share some helpful tips for our friend, you’re welcome to do this.

Until we chat again, everyday you hear something new just keep in touch, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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