Refreshing Friend!

It is refreshing to have an old friend communication! 😉
Pls continue to send us your lovely and inspiring emails. Welcome our new friends from the US, Netherlands, the UK, Nigeria, India, China, Philippines, Spain, Sweden, Brazil, Poland, n Canada 😉

Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they are there. That is why you have to cherish them and show your appreciation for them as much as you can. Remember, nothing lasts forever. Only memories remain.

Are you and your BFF guilty of these 7 things? - GirlsLifeTo all of you, hello again. We appreciate your visits for our posts, and we thank you for taking the time in sharing your comments and suggestions. 

MyUS.comIt is refreshing to hear from an old friend who did not contact you in a long time. Maybe he was busy or maybe he was mad who knows, people are just different.

Anyway when this happens, be ready to compliment your friend and show some interest in anything that s/he will tell you bc life is never an easy journey and one day you will be in the same position reaching out to an old friend and maybe just for the sake of saying hi or updating your news.

In your heart, you’ll know that your friend needs something; therefore, pave the way for her/him. Make it easier for them to talk to you and to reach you even if it is a simple matter. Sometimes sharing with others give you a relief and it will have the same effect on your friends.

A sentence like: “I like the way you make me think.”, or “I admire your courage to do this or that”, etc. You can choose nice complementary phrases that will help your friend to be at ease when talking to you. In the meantime, it is good for you yourself to be a person that is trusted by others to reach out to, what do you think? 🙄

Until we chat again, keep checking on previous posts, they are full of inspiration. Try and see with our hugs and kisses ❤


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