Thanks & Planning!

Enjoy what you enjoy nobody else can feel exactly how you feel! 😉  

Did this happen to you too? It could, but it all depends on how strong you are when it comes to planning your time.

thanksgivingFirst, Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so our best wishes for everyone of you who celebrates this short one-day holiday. Be ready for eating that delicious turkey with your family, friends, or whoever you choose. Do you think that this picture is too similar to Halloween? Or maybe it is too much orange 😆

Back to planning your time. When you feel frustrated, sometimes you get stuck as if you can’t do anything. You feel disoriented and re-scheduling your plans get to your nerves.

The situation turns to a challenge and you do it although you are unhappy about it, not being able to excute your plans. For more than a week, it is really bad unless you are sick tired.

Your only exit is to get out of this vicious circle, take a deep breath and do something irrelevant to get your mind completely refreshing.

Until we talk again, be ready to share your values, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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