Feel Your Dress!

Dress in a way that makes you feel well! 😉  

Dr.SophieDesignLooking for new trends in dresses? There’s a lot of new designs but it is fit for different bodies 🙄

Everyday, there is some kind of new fashion but the most prevailing ones are the ones that are worn by real people not by celebrities, right?

Wearing a dress or a suit for only one time is something normal for certain class of people.

Think of yourself as a star when you purchase a piece of clothing bc you know what, it is all coming back to you. If you didn’t enjoy what you’re wearing, nobody else will see its beauty. The beauty of what you are wearing is the feeling that you get when you wear a piece of cloth.

Dr.SophieDesign2You should be able to continue having this feeling of enjoyment every time you put it on your body. This is if your body keeps itself withing the standard level of weight. 😆

Next, a focus on the crazy food prices and why people do not talk about it.


. Many news channels focus on Ohio explosion and why this company keeps doing it over & over again
. Sky Balloons and what kind of information it instantly transmit
. Car accidents on the Highways increased lately, where’s the tech
. Ukraine
. Homeless and how they suffer not having bathrooms

Until we talk again, be here for care and inspiration, with our hugs and kisses


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