Left Behind!

Welcome everyone to your new posts! 😉  

Left Behind' Review: A Far From Rapturous Experience - VarietyFor this weekend, it is recommended to watch “Left Behind” 2014.

Left Behind” finds commercial airline pilot Ray Steele (Nicholas Cage) struggling to keep his passengers calm and his plane afloat after the Biblical Rapture …

Nicholas Cage is as usual extremely capable of representing the role he plays. It was a surprise that you haven’t seen it before although it is a 2014 movie, but it is understandable since one cannot really see every single movie produced every year, right?Left Behind and the Worst Movie Break-In of All Time | Den of Geek

The subject is interesting and surprising at the same time.

Although you will spend some time up the sky, you will not lose your interest to know what will happen next.

Next, you’ll know what some of local news are.

Until we talk again, be here for inspiration, with our hugs and kisses


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