Any disappointment you give to others, it will turn around back to you, be fair and aware!
Well, for streaming  Media tools, there has been plenty of more and more streaming channels everyday, but some stand out and others die and neglected eventually.IMG_2189You liked Channel ABC 7 which is a SF relatively new channel and giving people a sip of cheerfulness every day of the week. You expect this channel to survive the abadance over the years.

However, lately there has been some inbalance in the videos and even the daily news and other outside events that they stream. The sound failed to go with the picture that appears on the screen. Why?

There must be some technical reasons having this recurring over and over again: sometimes it is commercials and the sound gives you news read by the host or vice versa. Quite a chaos. Is there a way to make this channel’s administerators aware of what is going on or they’ve already known about it, and it doesn’t matter any more?
Until we chat again, it is repeated that your system works why don’t you take a quick look to related topics with our hugs and kisses

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Nunn Bush

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