Maverick: Fighter!

Always, welcome to see all of you here with us giving us the pleasure of being around you for a bit of time. Thank you!

SophieTomCruiseIt is almost a weekend, but you are staying home taking a rest from all the errands that never finish; therefore, a new movie could be soothing to have under the circumstances.

It was a good one, really full of action and bringing back the good manners of Airforce/Navy teams. Tom Cruise was as nive as usual. He didn’t act, he only reacts which went well with the gradual development of the story. “Top Gun: Maverick” is the one you’re talking about.

IMG_2250After more than 30 years of service as one of the Navy’s top aviators, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell is where he belongs, pushing the envelope as a courageous test pilot and……more

The scenes are sensational make you forget that it was not real. To that extent it will eat your mind. Well-chosen cast: each of them knew exactly what was required and did it to the best possible action.

IMG_2249Although age a bit appeared on Cruise; however, he still had his presence: simple yet complicated and self-confident. You admired it so were the rest of us.

Next, another movie, maybe you talked about it before but briefly. It’s fun for next weekend though, not this one. 😆

For another nice post, coming soon be ready 😉

Until we talk again, be present for inspiration, with our hugs and kisses


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