Thank you for having us as a part of your week-end; welcome back from the US, Canada, Kuwait, Germany, India, Australia, Spain, Greece, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan! 😉 “Am I missing something?”, Ala said while combing her hair. Bill was opening the refrigerator getting his lunch box and getting ready for his lunch break. A: … More YouTube?

YouTube Shooting?

More shooting! This time is at YouTube, and the reason is still unknown! 😉 Thanks for coming to our pages friends from the US, the UK, Uganda, Italy, Armenia, Portugal, Tunisia, Russia, Brazil, Serbia, Germany, Georgia, and India  😉             It’s not easy to find a map for all countries of … More YouTube Shooting?

Is This How?

You have seen a lot, and so have I. Its magic is that it was never seen by anybody else. Think about it, but let’s first welcome our fiends from the US, Philippines, Brazil, Ireland, Vietnam, n France 😉 Someone told me that I was wearing an orange dress, which for me, it was a red … More Is This How?