Thank you for having us as a part of your week-end; welcome back from the US, Canada, Kuwait, Germany, India, Australia, Spain, Greece, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan! 😉

“Am I missing something?”, Ala said while combing her hair. Bill was opening the refrigerator getting his lunch box and getting ready for his lunch break.

A: Have you watched that video about the right and the left combat? 

B: Which one?

A: The one on YouTube, is there any other source of videos nowadays?

B: Haha! Yes there is but mostly are very tiny compared to YouTube, but which one you didn’t say yet?

A: I’ll send you the link.

B: I have my cell, just dictate me the letters and I’ll hooked it on.

A: OK, it’s:

B: Oh! Is it Operah and Trump?

A: No, it’s not. It’s a history for how the two parties came up to power, and how Dems were with slavery all the way while GOP was totally against having slaves which led to the Civil War. It’s a huge fact, not too many knew about it.

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A: Here it is on my phone, but for some reason the link is not giving the right clip. OMG! How could this happen? 

B: What do you think? It’s the hidden fingers or a glitch, as it is said most of the time. Wow! 

A: The only way to get it is go to search and enter: “ How the Republican Party went from Lincoln to Trump“.YouTubeRepublicansHistory

A: A lot of games are going on. And for what? Who knows? Just keep enjoying yourself, and your lunch. At least you deserve that much. 🙂

B: I’m I agree! 🙂
Until we chat again, live your life, enjoy every moment. It’s OK to turn off media from time to time, or ignore the Big Headlines a little bit. Catch up with your updated list, with our hugs and kisses ❤sophiechannel


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