Zumba in Your Life

Thank you dear new readers and friends from the US, Mexico, Canada, UK, Luxembourg, Spain, Jordan, Japan, Poland, Argentina, France, Netherlands, New Zealand, Colombia, & Belgium 😉
Thank you dear new readers and friends from France, Italy, Germany, US, Mexico, Spain, Austria, Japan, Israel, Algeria, Malaysia, & Costa Rica  😉
New friends for today from Russia, Mexico, Portugal, US, Italy, we do appreciate you  😉
Our dear current readers from everywhere, we love you, and we miss you  😉
Why is it so simple to say sorry for strangers, while it is so hard to say it for closer people to you? Of course, it’s not necessarily the case with everyone, coz there is still a lot of mature rational people around 🙂

pz4I remember once I was shopping at Bloomingdale’s and a lady bumped into my shoulder very slightly and she kept saying sorry for me hundred times. As if she saved all those sorriees over the years. They were like prisoners inside her and she badly wanted to realse them out for someone; luckily enough it was me getting all of them.

In another occasion, while I was waiting for my Zumba class, I was watching Family Feud, Steve Harvey famous show, and a young guy just passed by my spot and kept the screen out of my sight for a  fraction of a second or  may be less. But amazingly stood there, insistently apologizing, saying sorry forever, as if he did something terrible.

Zumba is wonderful in dealing with all these kinds of stresses and frustrations kept locked up inside us. You need to take advantage of all these opportunities out there for physical fitness or Zumba exercises, in order to vent out all the sorries that you have inside your mind. Not that saying sorry is wrong, on the contrary, I see saying sorry as a sign of strength.

It is hard to admit your mistakes, especially when you are the boss, or the higher rank in a situation. To admit that you were wrong in a decision or in a certain situation, it would take all your guts out. In other words, you have to be brave courageous, and not scared of any blames, coz you are totally confident of what you are doing.

Here’s your test: if you are able to say sorry for your closer ones, dear ones, you are a confident person and trustworthy in your dealings. Also it indicates that you are not under stress or mental inbalance, but if you were not able to do that, or found yourself thinking a lot about it procrastinating; then you my dear Zumba friend are in a deep trouble, coz it would mean that You need to know that there is a lot of issues inside you, and that you are not venting enough thru your Zumba classes for some reason.

Ultimately and certainly Zumba remedy would be required. In other words, you need more physical fitness to have relaxation. Being relaxed with yourself, saying sorry from time to time, even though it could be for small matters, for your close ones, believe me, this would give you more confidence, and better sleep.

Or otherwise, you would get a prescription for having more and more  Zumba in your life 😉

Love you all 😉

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