1Zumba, A Flying Wig?!

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Very funny incident happened in our gym, and believe it or not, it does not happen everyday my 1Zumba friend.

We had that lovely instructor, who is very active and dedicated to 1Zumba in a fantastic way. We used to see her in  a reddish brown wig in all of her classes. Some didn’t even know that she was wearing a wig, and some were betting on  that it was a wig. So what? It is not such a big deal anyway!

Although we are in winter, and the weather is chilly outside Image result for cold weatherthat gym; however, when we get inside it is really hot. Our room is relatively small compared to the number of members who attend the class. It has only one window overlooks the Jacuzzi and the heated swimming pool area.

It was right before 4 pm and our 1Zumba instructor was waiting there, opening the music box, n getting herself warmed up n ready for our class, while we were entering one by one to that room. Everything went perfect, 1Zumba music was not so loud, and that was one of the things we all loved about her class. Her movements were great, absorbing all the energy we had.

1Z- wigSome attendants were waving that it was so hot, suffocating pointing at the giant fan next to our instructor; I guess there was something wrong with the ceiling fans. So our 1Zumba Teacher approached the giant fan, bent down and turned the switch on. In a flash of a moment, the extremely strong air coming out of the fan in her face and head blew away her wig, which flew up up like a kite, n got hang up on one of the ceiling fan’s blades.

OMG! Can you imagine what happened? The whole class was staring up at the wig, and each one of them had the most amazing expression on her/his face. One was opening her mouth n could not talk. One was turning her eyes right and left, as if she wanted to say something but she could not. The guy in the back was jumping up and down, trying to reach the hanging wig. Another brought one of the sponge sticks, trying to get the wig out of that blade. Two were looking at each other shaking their shoulders as if asking what should we do? How was it gonna be?

A genius one ran to the wall switch of the ceiling fan turned it on, so when the fan turned around, the wig flew away, but instead of landing Image result for someone turn on the switchon the floor, it flew right out of the window, landing into the heated pool. At that moment, we heard all kinds of screams you can imagine, coming from kids and people in the pool who thought that there was a flying octopus. They were running out of the pool hysterically shocked, coz they couldn’t figure out what it was. For them, it was a flying octopus came out of the window and diving into the pool, then floating on the surface of the pool. When they finally realized that it was only some hair or more accurately a wig, they calmed down.

wgPoor instructor! She was so embarrassed, but it was unbelievable situation, coz she was trying to calm down the screaming kids, telling their moms that it was just a wig, nothing dangerous at all. Instead she fumbled and mumbled, coz it was too much for her, or for anyone else, really to get into all of that  consecutively in just few seconds.

Let me tell you this, I swear I was in tears from laughing, with two others holding their bellies from laughter. Even right now, when I am telling you this, I still have this episode of hysteric laughter from that situation.

Twenty minutes later, I was out of the gym, and in my way out. I stopped by the front desk to say hello as usual to one of the attendants who asked me: “Have you heard about the flying wig? I said: “what?” He said: “Yes they discovered a flying wig a little while ago, someone was having a remote control n playing games….. “I said what?”…. I was going to explain the whole matter, but I laughed even more, n I couldn’t explain what really happened to him, coz no matter what I said, it seemed that it was the rumor of the day in that gym:  “1Zumba Flying Wig” 😉

Love you all guys!  If you laugh, you owe me one, send it to me right away, haha  😉


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