1Zumba Year

Thank you our new readers from the US, Canada, the UK,New Zealand, Germany, France, Lebanon, & Austria  😉

Welcome again our current readers and friends from everywhere  😉

I guess I have said it already many times before now: “Happy New Year”! How about wishing you all my 1Zumba friends a Splendid Year, would that make it  more colorful?  😉

[Shared by Sue Cooper, Redondo Beach, CA]
Well seriously, I miss you! So here’s my plan for tonight, my bright 1Zumba friends, since I have declined all the invitations I received for New Year’s Parties, for one reason only: to be with you tonight 😉

clHere is my simple plan:
– A glass of water/wine/beer/ or whatever you prefer.
– A special song.
– A special movie.
-An online Green standstill FB light.
– A kiss & a big hug.
All of these @ 11:59 pm [Pacific Time Zone/ CA Time Zone]

glI will have a glass of wine with you exactly at the midnight, when the clock hands prompt the last minute of the year @ 11:59pm, I will raise my hand in the air and say: ”Cheers” to you dear. Oh! How romantic this is!

I’ll raise my glass, Oh! Haha! This reminds me that I no longer have any wine glasses. I’m not drinking actually, as I told my 1Zumba classmate yesterday, who she invited me to a Morning Friday 1Zumba Festival, having Champagne. I told her I couldn’t do that I don’t drink but I could have a sip now and then, or …

gl1Back to our plan again. The only way that I will know that you get it, is to see you online, not face-to-face, just to be available for chatting on FB, so I would know that you would be raising your glass (even if it had water) on the exact moment I raise mine. I’m not going to chat with you, but I would know that you are there.

I’m talking to your soul anyway, my 1Zumba friend, not to you personally, if your soul felt what I am talking about, it would make my New Year. At least I would know that I didn’t sacrifice all those invitations in vain. Of course, you didn’t ask me to stay home, and not to celebrate with my all other friends.

ny1It is just that I would feel my message has passed over to you, which will be quite something. I almost invited you out, the last time I saw you, but I couldn’t say it. Words changed in my mouth so fast. I was not sure anymore of many things around me, so I was kind of touching my way, not to hurt anyone, or be hurt by any. If you know what I mean.

# 1. I will be online, having my chat room available, if you would surprise me with a phone call or a text, this would be terrific! If you were there, n not chatting at all, I still would understand that you are with me celebrating our New Year. If not, I will assume that you were not bright enough to cipher my message, or that there has been some misinterpretations on my part that need to be deleted. In this case, I will abandon this matter forever. But what if you read this post tomorrow instead of today, Wow!

#2. I will listen to this song: “When The Night Falls”, by Mayer Hawthorne. It’s on YouTube. Lately, I kept listening to it over and over again, I became addicted to it, for some reason. May be you can help me why I fell in love with this song all of a sudden. It’s not a new song, I know but it’s not a 1Zumba song, so why? Help me solve this puzzle if you can, haha!        

#3. I will watch “The Illusionist”, a wonderful movie, where every and each actor or actress deserved an Oscar. One of the best movies ever.

clIn conclusion, I will be ready @ 11:59 pm Pacific Time to share this moment only with you, Cinderlo, my 1Zumba friend 😉

I’d wish nothing more for my 1Zumba Year 😉

[Thanks for sharing this with us all, dear Sue, keep sending more- it’s quite enjoyable sharing others’ thoughts!]

Remember that we always love you all wherever you are, so send us here 😉

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