1Zumba Matters [2]

Dear friends and readers everywhere in our globe, on Earth, here in California, USA, now it is officially 2016;  it is our New Year 2016, according to our Pacific Time. We wish you all the best in health and wealth. Let me hear your voices, or see your comments. I love you all.  😉

5- What seems to be difficult for you?

Cher1I make it work, but juggling work, family and 1Zumba can be tricky. I have a childcare center that I run from my home Monday through Friday, and three little boys. On Fridays I figure out the time frames of the classes for the following week because they change slightly, then schedule my daycare assistants to close for me at night on the days needed, which gets pretty pricey! Also it is awkward when a daycare parent sees me zooming out to my car in my gym clothes, or not there at all, looking as though I didn’t spend the day with their child for the last 10 or 11 hours singing, playing and creating crafts! I also have to get creative on feeding my family dinner before a class, because it’s not fair to feed my children early in front of the daycare children that are waiting to be picked up at the end of the day. For my hubby its a Tupperware container in the fridge to heat up when he gets home from work!

6- What attracts you in 1Zumba Toby?

Toby is a great dancer; it’s like watching someone on TV when you watch him dance! He’s also a great instructor; he guides you through routines, and as long as you watch him, you’ll have the steps down in no time! He’ll catch eye contact with someone in the mirror, and it’s like he’s guiding them along. He’s so much fun and makes everyone in his class feel good about themselves. He always has us laughing but at the same time is serious about why we are there – to dance, sweat and have a good time doing it! I love that he does a lot of hip hop songs and routines rather than sticking exclusively to traditional 1Zumba music like some instructors tend to do.

Cher2It still surprises me that I like the front of the class now; I’m no dancer by any means and I don’t have a ton of confidence because of my weight issues. I used to stand off to the side in the second or third row, so that I could at least watch the instructor’s feet. But one Tuesday evening in class just as a song started to play, Toby grabbed my arm and started pulling me to the front to dance alongside him. I remember all that came out of my mouth was “No-No-No-No-No!” really, really fast, and I tried to pull my arm away!! I was nervous and embarrassed and I remember my heart was absolutely pounding! But then I realized I was only going to make more of a scene so I put my head down, avoided the mirror in front of me and reluctantly put one foot in front of the other!

It happened again the following two nights, at two other gyms, causing the fresh new wave of embarrassment each time! But I realized he was pulling me out of my shell. Once I started to worry less about what others thought of my dancing moves or of my poor attempt at shaking my hips, I began to sweat so much more and the pounds started falling off! I’m still not as comfortable in class as I am at home dancing in front of my kids (Toby would be proud!!), but I’m getting there! And like many, many others that attend his classes, I’m so very thankful for him.

7- How many hours do you give for 1Zumba every week?

cher6I attend four classes regularly each week and when I can, the Saturday class that Toby teaches. Four hours regularly of class time, but at least four additional hours getting to the gym early to get a spot up front! To me, dancing in the middle or back of the class is like dancing in your family room – fun, but different than a dance floor. When I am near the front, I feel the music and the energy of the room so much more!

8- What other physical activities you do?

Other than staying very active throughout the day with my three boys and my daycare, I take a Grit class once a week before our 1Zumba class. That is a huge, sweaty, calorie-burning night for me and I love it!!

9- What kind of 1Zumba do you prefer? Why?

He does a lot of hip hop songs and routines in addition to the traditional 1Zumba dances. I love all music and although hip hop isn’t always what I listen to, the routines are my absolute favorite!!!

[To Be Continued]

We love your comments and appreciate your moments with us  😉


4 thoughts on “1Zumba Matters [2]

  1. I haven’t heard of Zumba before. I used to do the Samba many years ago. Would that help? Dancing helps in most situation of stress, relationship whiplash or other malfunctions. If Zumba is anyrhing like doing the Samba you can count me in..

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    1. Thanks for your comment 🙂 Yes, definitely Zumba is good for stress relief and having fun, while you are gaining energy, listening to music, moving your muscles, and shaking almost every part in your body. Welcome to 1Zumba.com, and pls keep sending us your great comments 😉

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