Thank you dear readers and visitors from everywhere, including the US, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Philippines, Nicaragua, Ukraine, Australia, n Spain 😉

Always look forward, never go back. leave the past in the past. Cherish the future. Expect good things. Dream big but be fair. Embrace the world n love people.

Here’s the latest news about the birthday’s celebration of the Queen of England, at her 90th anniversary:SophieChannel

Here‘s how to join the great celebrations: 

Dear 1Zumba friend,  why are you grumpy?  Oh! Don’t you want to celebrate with us? Oh! Be cheerful,  it’s only once a year, or I mean twice: one official, and one unofficial 🙂

The professor who spoke continuously about inequality, and the wrong distribution of revenues and wealth; Prof. Robert Reich, is one of the few who understands what is going on in our Economy worldwide:

R ReichROBERT B. REICH is Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley and Senior Fellow at the Blum Center for Developing Economies.

It’s quite interesting what he repeats over and over again, but the odd thing is how many of us reacted to what he has been saying, or may be the feeling that “nobody cares” is the prevalent one right now. Some said: “He’ll be dead soon, so we are too, so why don’t we mind our own business, and leave the treasures for those who like hunting?” 😉

Others answered: “The land is for the Creator, and the countries borders are nothing but the product of gangs. They claimed to be in charge of organizing the people’s matters but who put them in charge ? or give them the right to issue laws in the first place?  Did you give them your consent my dear 1Zumba friend? This is what Dr. Reich asked us the whole time he’s been teaching.

Oh! Give me a break, I wanna go for a walk. Never mind, let’s celebrate her majesty’s birthday my 1Zumba friends. Oh dear, are you invited to go 1Zumba to the Queen’s BD celebrations? 😕

Let’s talk again soon. Love you all. Hugs n kisses ❤SophieChannel

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