Herbal Natural Treatment, 1ZumbA!!

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What a wonderful day, my 1Zumba friend!  Although it passed fast as usual, but I was so excited, happy, & thankful for everything  I had, especially for those quick fabulous moments of sensational emotions, when you wish if you could freeze the moments, to bring them back alive whenever you need them 😉

You can’t be serious any more when you say you’re thinking of looking for some herbal treatment resources. The reason I am saying this, is that you can, now, more than ever, get all the info you need about anything, you can or can’t imagine in a blink of your eyes. How?  I N T E R N E T! 

It’s you No. 1 source for your info, but if you have doubts about the posted info, you need to check with your other resources, such as your local library, regional library, state library, or Congress library. In order to verify the validity of any info, there are tons of resources, libraries are one of them, but gov offices are everywhere to provide you with any piece of info you need 😯

So , as you told me, herbal treatment has been there for a long time, before we knew about medicine. Long ago, when there was no such a word as medicine, people dealt directly with nature. The Creator gave us all kinds of plants, and believe it or not, all remedies are in these plants.

Sometimes, you find yourself not thinking straight. At this point, know that you need to rest, or to have a plan. Melinda, our 1Zumba friend, when you find yourself, similar to your laptop, when it’s no longer responding fast enough to your strokes on its pad, just stop. Take a deep breath, and ask yourself, what is my plan for today?  You wouldn’t imagine how this question would solve many of your thinking paralysis situation.

Cure for: Stress or anxiety

Next time you feel stressed, reach for a banana, says Molly Kimball, RD, a certified specialist in sports dietetics with Ochsner’s Elmwood Fitness Center in New Orleans.

There are plenty of plants or natural food out there for you to reach, if you have any symptoms. Check on it here, if you dislike chemical medicine.

“Except for remedies like echinacea for colds and ginger for nausea, most herbs “won’t cure anything overnight—they’re more like a gentle nudge to your system,” says Prevention advisor Kevin Spelman, PhD, distinguished lecturer at the Maryland University of Integrative Health.

Plan on consistent use for 1 to 3 months to experience benefits. Learn more on the University of Maryland Medical Center’s website. Check that the supplement passed testing on consumerlabs.com ($36 annually).Look for a “best by” or expiration date, a lot number, and an extract ratio for extracted herbs—all signal quality manufacturing standards.”

Of course, there is already a whole valid business built on having herbal products, which for some proved to be good, and for others, it was not that satisfactory. so do your homework before buying.  New products are available on this website as well. More herbal life.

It’s time to say see you later, in a few moments, one more time, to chat about something else, new and profitable , as usual. 😆

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