1Zumba Champion in India?

Dear reader and friends, we are so glad to have you with us. We appreciate your time, your valuable comments & feedback. Recently-joining readers, thank you, from the US, India, Australia, Turkey, the UK, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, n Denmark 😉

Our post, my 1Zumba friend, will add a new Superstar to our long list, it’s a unique voice from India. He is a 1Zumba.com  follower, as well as 1ZumbaCircles member. We all welcome our dear 1Zumba friend, Amitoj Garg 🙂

Before we start our interview, we would like to make an announcement.  We are proud to state that our new e-book “The Vault” is published today in Google,  Amazon, & other online stores. I consider it a great accomplishment, and I hope that all of you would have a chance to read it, and to give feedback or review about it. This is very valuable to us.

The stories in this book are meant to be for entertainment and general knowledge. It is basically a collection of  selected posts that I wrote for readers online with additions and adaptations, here and there, so that it would fit your needs.

I was advised by a friend to collect the ones that were highly rated by online readers, and to put them together in a book, for readers on the road. So I did. Therefore, I hope it serves its purpose, and that it would be a new source of entertainment and enjoyment for you.

This is the Amazon link for the ebook: The Vault, & this is the Google link.

Now our friend, Amitoj Garg, let’s see what he says about his life & his dream:

1.How would you introduce yourself to our readers? 

Hi I ‘m Amitoj.I live in Chandigarh (INDIA).Having an experience of more than 6 years in the field of sports and fitness industry,I trained National ,International Players(Tennis,Hockey).My core competence is in the field of Weight Management programs.I am successfully running many fitness and Food nutrition programs .Organic Fitness Farms “The diet Clinic” facebook page,where we share myths and facts of diet and nutrition. Aim of life is to serve the humanity a healthy and fit life.

Amitoj Garg

2.How long have you been in the field of sports and fitness?
My professional pursuits in the field of sports and fitness industry are more than six years old .I train players for peak performance. My ultimate love is to do personal training for body transformations.

3.What kind of interests you have?
I study pilates,yoga and karate. All these disciplines helps me to conduct a successful group fitness classes.So all the day long , its all about fitness, meditation and food.

4.What is your ultimate dream?

My highest career aspiration is to become a successful entrepreneur in the field of sports and fitness industry ,according to forbes list. My aim is to build market suitable company fit for public investment and earn profits for investors. This vision also exposed me to read about great qualities of successful entrepreneurs like Paul Allen(NFL’s richest owner) ,Mark Cuban ( NBA’s Dallas Mavericks owner).These qualities include the ability to manage, presence to inspire, charisma to lead, and fortitude to persist in face of challenge and win the best games.

5. What kind of difficulties you encounter in life in general?
Taking care of our own body while working for 10-12 hours of day in fitness and sports field is also a good challenge. Because human body cannot response same in all days. Sometimes I miss my personal life.Because all the time you are living and understanding your clients fitness goals and you don’t know when you start living their life.It’s like fitness acting on the daily basis.

6. What kind of interests you have?
Networking is my best interest. I am interested in making an influential network necessary for fitness revenue streams, building new sports brands, daily operations of on going activities. I love cars and like to travel. In free time I love cooking healthy and delicious recipes.

I love to interact with innovative individuals that has been an encouragement and provided me a first hand account of what qualities today’s entrepreneurial leaders possess.

7. When in class, how do you feel about other students who can’t follow up (in you are Zin or teacher, etc)?
Be patience, humble and polite is the key for any successful class. If you are honest with your work. All students would like to follow the master.

8.What is your favorite color?

Amitoj Garg

This is one of our nicest interviews, with one 1Zumba friend, Amitoj, with an open heart, and a loving nature for everyone. We appreciate your time having this interview with us Amitoj, and we wish that all your dreams would come true soon.

And You my dear 1Zumba friend, what is your dream, talk about it, tell us about it; we love to hear from you, wherever you are, whoever you are. Dream loud & clear, coz this is how dreams come true 😀

My biggest hug in the world for you dear, and for every 1Zumba.com friend. Keep us in mind, until we talk again about new inventions & ideas coming soon to you ❤

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