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Dear 1Zumba  friend, we have a new SuperStar to add to our 7000 SuperStars today!

This new interview was done coincidentally. It was not planned for or intended, but it was enjoyable to talk to such a great human soul. With Conny Saav, I’ll let you enjoy her words!
  • , 12/10, 5:33pm, Sophie Essay: Do you follow our group’s news? & chatting? 

  • 12/10, 5:34pm, Conny Saav

    If I am also an instructor of zumba.

  • , 12/10, 5:35pm, Sophie Essay

    You are in the Zumba business? v

  •  C: Yes
  • S: We do interviews with instructors continuously, would you be interested in having an interview with us? Where do you live?

    This is an example:
  •  C: More ahead I live in Morelia michoacan,  Mexico! Ok
  •  S: Good! If you need help with English, let me know. 
  • C: If my English is really bad haha
  •  S: No, Your English is good. 
  • C: Thanks
  •  S: If you need translation, let me know. Ok! -When did you start as a Zumba instructor? 
  • C: 4 years ago
  •  S: Before that what did you do?
  • z C: I’m a nurse by profession.

    S: Oh!

    This is great job.

    This job is always in demand. Right?

    – What is your favorite color?

  •  C: Yes

    Is very emotionally satisfying

    Really is very demanding

  •  S: Did you travel?
  •  C: My favorite color pastel pink
  •  S: Wow! I like your answer. very precise.
  •  C: Have you been to the States?
  •  C: do not; I hope to be at the next convention is a matter of time due to my work
  •  S: I see! Where did you travel to?
  •  C: to Spain
  •  S: Beautiful country
  •  C: Yes
  •  S: Did you read any of our posts?
  •  C: But Mexico is actually more beautiful Yes
  •  S: Of course, your own country will be the best always.

    Is it affordable to live in your city?

  •  C: Yes hahaja
  •  S: Are you North or South of Mexico?
  •  xCYes  South
  •  S: We have many members from Mexico, but in the North or in the South
  •  C: In the south
  •  S: Guadalajara is close from you.
  •  C: Yes at three hours.
  •  S: In California, we have many Mexican restaurants.

    Do you like American food? Steak, fries, hamburger?

  •  C: That’s good Mexican food is good if I like the food of calofornia but it lacks spicy Steak good
  •  S: So, did you visit our website? https://1Zumba.com ?
  •  S: I’m wondering about it, because I would like you to be part of its 7000 Super Stars!
  • b C: OK great

    S: Get a quick look at it, and tomorrow, I can send more questions for you, agreed?

    C: Ok

    S: I will give you a chance today to go through what other instructors said so that you will not repeat what they said. 

    S: I hope you had a chance to take a look at our SuperStars tap in our website: 1Zumba.com

    If you did, pls send me one photo for the main topic, and 5-7 for the body of the article.

    I’ll send you few questions tomorrow, giving you more chance to check on others’ posts 🙂c1

  • Here’s few additional questions:
    – What does friendship mean to you?
    – Who is your best friends?
    – What is your dream in life?
    – Do you have any message to people?
    – How do you see your future?
    Thank you
  •  C: Friendship is a way to love true friends are those who are with you in ups and downs and ups and downs are by your side only who truly love you?

    My best friend Wendy my friend Dela childhood after 35 v1years we continue to be friends.

  •  C: My dream in life !!! There are many already made reality others are about to be realized, my biggest dream of seeing my children achieve their goals.

    My message is; That as people each one gives what you have if you give the best of you to show that there are good things in you.

    How do I see my future? Woow is not a complicated question because I am more of living the present day to day as if it were the last but; I see myself as a successful woman in most aspects of my life living is a triumph

  •  S: If you like to add anything at all, please let me know.
  •  C: That life is beautiful especially when your family is by your side and there is nothing more important than the same.
That was our very special interview with Conny. She is one of our best members in our group. We all wish her all the best in her future plans.
Stay cool, and keep in touch Conny. Keep your active participation with us forever active 😉

I think we deserve a quick break. Hugs & kisses ❤