Shark Tank Star, 1Zumba!

Hi Everyone! Thank you friends and readers from the US, Indonesia, Germany, & Algeria. 😉

Is it your day, or is it not? Patricia told me it was not her day, and the reason was that she didn’t have enough sleeping yesterday. I thought what was the reason for that anxiety?! She continued to explain that she and her husband were running out of solutions for getting their mortgage payment lately.

Wow! I see why she couldn’t get any sleep.

When you have a financial stress, it is serious, and when you don’t have enough sleep, it is even more significant.

Barbara Corcoran shares 3 crucial rules on how homeowners could save thousands of dollars and pay off their mortgage faster — just by taking advantage of today’s “ridiculously low interest rate.”

“Not shopping the market…is like giving money away”. Did you know 77% of borrowers only apply with a single lender or broker? Big mistake. If you don’t shop around, you won’t know if you’re getting the best rate — and you won’t know if you qualify for a brilliant government program called the Home Affordable Refinance Plan (HARP).

Sometimes, financial matters problems are simple in addressing them; other times, they need a specialist to handle them properly, so just give yourself a chance to discuss it with a specialist, if you feel that they are getting to a high degree of seriousness.

One more thing to remember: if you ever ran into the situation that someone was advising you on: “fake it until you make it”; probably, that is not the right advice for you, especially if it gets you open to more credit debts.

Take a step back and start over. It’s better to handle this kind of issues realistically, instead of being just impulsive. Otherwise, you’d feel unbalanced, which would lead to more wrong decisions in general.

Hugs & kisses until we talk again ❤



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