For A Reason!

You almost got it, then you missed it! Try again. Welcome our friends from everywhere, from the US, Russia, south Africa, Canada, Turkey, Croatia, Ireland, Brazil, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Australia, n Japan 😉

“Love’s blind or rather foolish, I’d say”, this is from “Don Quixote” book, and I think it ts-20384-seo-magzinestrategy_pokerbluff_1200x675-mainimage_1446777607989_tcm1541-263672could be true, but let me tell you first how “Bluff’ ended.

Nothing bad happened to me, to cut the chase, it was all about someone, who lost his friend, and that friend, who happened to be one of my students, became an addict, and the needle became his life.

I regret that I didn’t know about what was going on with that kid, until that day. As I understood, what had happened (addiction habits) was due to the bad company. So be Image result for sad for losing her friendcareful and be selective when you’re making friends, or at least try to be.

The guy who talked about “bluffing”, was in a complete wreck. There was nothing else for him to do, except to see that teacher, who his friend idolized to a great extent, which I did not know, except after that miserable guy came to my class, with very aggressive attitude, as if I did something wrong for him, or for someone, he knew.

Coming to an end with that story would please some of you, who asked about it. There was some more details, but I’ll save’m for those who really feel more than genuinely interested in knowing it, or dying to know’m, in other words, for a reason.

Let’s take a break, since I’m having some sore throat. I’ll leave you with our delicious posts, to take a peek here and there. You’d find it 😎

Love, kisses & hugs ❤

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