Somehow Find It!

You can get as many as you can from the unique things, but you can’t get’m all! Here and today we welcome you as we always do, dear friends and readers from the US, South Africa, Australia, France, n Guatemala 😉

For sure, you’ve experienced a moment when you needed to make a tough decision, and you found it hard to do, right? You may postpone it, or procrastinate with yourself, but eventually you’ve got to take it. Somehow you’ve got to find it.

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If it’s not an urgent matter, you can think about it later on. If it is due, you need to ask yourself why you panic every time you want to make this decision. Is it a fatal one? Is it a life or death matter? Write down all the questions you have about it.

Regret: Are you afraid of regret? You might be anxious that if this decision is not Image result for decisiontaken now, it would be too late to make it in the future. Anxiety can be an element of keeping you from making a determination

Fear of failure: Sometimes, we fear that if decided something and then we fail, but isn’t it normal to try things in order to know if we will succeed or not.

What do you think? If the solution is related to huge matters, there’s always consulting bodies, whom you would have a chance to talk to, in order to be confident enough about your opinion.

Why: It’s always a safe harbor not to do something just for the sake of  pleasing others. John, a dear friend, who was almost bankrupt, but still he held that huge party only to impress his friends. 

It’s an enormous mistake to try to impress others and take decisions just for the sake of showing off. It is wrong, period.

When you are faced by a seriously tough decision, think about it in details, by yourself first. Think where it will take you, and if you did it, would you be able to bear all the consequences no matter what. sophieChannelConsider different scenarios, and imagine where each one of them will take you to. In this way, although it’s approximate calculations, but it will keep you safe.

The last thing you should do is to share this with your nearest person; it could be your mom, your bro, your neighbor, your sis, but do not choose someone with whom you like to brag or boast.

Trust the person who loves you for who you really are!

Until we chat again, stay cool with our love, kisses, & hugs for all of you

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